Be the Change January 17 2021

Throughout the pandemic and social unrest in our country, Kerri and I have talked about what we can do to make a difference and be a positive force in the community. While writing our business goals for 2021 we decided to take on a community volunteer project each month. Due to the pandemic and our own sicknesses this month, we are unfortunately off to a delayed start. I am also realizing that covid may further delay this endeavor. While I am still holding out a sliver of hope that we can physically get out in the community to volunteer this month, for the month of January Poppy Whitaker has made a donation to
Hearts Beat as One Foundation
We will continue our work with  by providing employment opportunities to seamstresses and sending our screen printing to 
Imago 658 Screen Printing

Ready For Autumn September 08 2020 9 Comments

This fabric was love at first sight. It is so pretty and perfect for fall. The best part is that it is appropriate for Grandma's Thanksgiving table!! We hope you love it as much as we do!! Dress drops Sunday September 13th.

What's with all the maps??? July 09 2020 9 Comments

Well, I'm not really sure why I love maps so much. You should see my collection from National Geographics!!!  This isn't new information for most of our followers.  We do a map dress about 1-2 times per year.  Oh and we like to throw in some airplanes every now and then too.  Because what good is a map if you've got no transportation???

Here are some of our past designs

That's right!!! There are 5 total!! I will save the airplane dresses for another post!!! We are looking forward to our latest creations that will drop July 26th!!! And it might be my favorite one so far!! 

Coming in June May 07 2020 3 Comments

Love Is Worth Fighting For March 10 2020 3 Comments

We are bringing back a favorite from last year.  Because love is worth fighting for every year. Release date is March 29th in Handmade Designers Group. 

Party Dress March 10 2020 2 Comments

Fighting for your right to party is very important!!!  Coming Sunday March 22 to the Handmade Designers Group!!!

YOU ARE THE SUN YOU ARE THE RAIN February 26 2020 2 Comments

Did we design a collection about the weather???  Why yes we did!!! 

Well, that's only half the truth. Our true inspiration was the 80s ballad, top 5 single, and lullaby I sang to my son.... You Are by Lionel Richie.  

We are truly amazed by these dresses and the fabulous models and photography by The Bae Hive Agency.  We will be offering these in the Maker's Market Showcase on Friday starting at 9 pm eastern.  Maker's Market is a collection of handmade shops run through a Facebook group. We are listing and selling the items through that group. 

Skirt Saturday February 18 2020 3 Comments

We are loving our monthly Skirt Around Saturdays.  We usually choose a fun theme to go with the event and this month's theme is no exception.  Skirt Saturday is coming up on Saturday February 22nd around noon eastern.

The Unicorn Mom is a new term that I have seen being used recently and I'm loving it. So for all the unicorn moms raising unicorn daughters, this is for you.  

This is our unicorn mom shirt!!! We couldn't be any happier.  But don't worry we have fabulousness for the girls too.