The Memphis Blues December 29 2014 2 Comments

You may have noticed that latest Poppy Whitaker photos were taken in Memphis, TN.  If you are wondering why, please read on..... I was born and raised in Memphis and was lucky enough to call it home for several years as an adult.  It will forever be the place we started our family and became a family of 5.  We have family and countless friends in Memphis that we love and miss dearly.  

The photos were taken in front of Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, and at the Peabody Hotel.  I don't need to tell you how fabulous Elvis is, most everybody understands that and the impact he had on our country. But, If you have not visited the Peabody Hotel and witnessed the duck promenade, then you are missing out.  I highly recommend a visit.  Of course there are so many more fabulous places to visit in the beautiful city of Memphis, TN, but I am not a travel advisor so I will stick to designing and making dresses.  

I hope you love the Memphis Blues collection and the photos that serve as a reminder of the beautiful place I once called home.  The collection will be available and ready to ship on January 15th.