Mini Vacation Dress! All I Ever Wanted March 02 2016

What you have heard is true...TONIGHT we are taking orders for our Mini Vacation dress!!!  This dress is a sequel to our much beloved Magical Vacation dress, and after so many requests for a follow up, it's finally here. And it's good. I know I am kinda biased, but you're going to NEED this dress. Trust me. We are only able to take orders for 24 hours (or until we reach capacity). Beginning tonight at, 8:30 pm. EST.Get it. Fast!

We are also thrilled to share some Poppy Whitaker news. After a long search process, we have finally established a partnership with a clothing manufacturer!  It was a difficult decision to not have all aspects of PW production in-house but, in order to better serve the needs of our customers, and to continue on a path of growth, we are transitioning some of our labor to a factory. It was essential for us that our garments continue to be made in the U.S. and we feel truly fortunate that they will be completely produced in our state of North Carolina! We hope that you will share in our excitement as we take this next step.


Mini Vacation Dress
We love our customers!  Thank you for shopping small!
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